Pressing Pause

Hi guys! Thanks for continuing to read my posts! The other day, while I was looking for interesting articles about college, I came across the successful blog Pressing Pause created Ron Byrnes. The blog has a simple layout and is very easy to access (for all you technologically challenged people). This blog really drew my attention because the topics discussed are very similar to that of my blog. Although my blog has a rather specific topic, Pressing Pause has a wide range of topics that many different people would enjoy.  This is a great site for everyone to explore especially if you are looking for extra information about education and life in general. I believe Pressing Pause is such as successful blog because many of his opinions are what people want to hear, and let’s not forget the humorous posts such as “The Old Young Teach Is Awakened”. I won’t summarize the post for you guys so  you can read it yourself. One of Ron’s post that particularly struck me was “Forego College?”. His thoughts and opinions about college are similar to mine in that we both believe there are other options. He does bring up a good point that I haven’t covered.  Ron writes, “they’re paying considerable money up front to increase their odds of future employment success”: I think that it’s important to remember that college does not guarantee success, but it does increase your chances of success. With that being said, I think that skill and ambition can also increase your chances of success.  I found it extremely interesting that he talks about the fact that the price of higher education is increasing while the value of having a degree has gone down.  With a much larger experience than me, Pressing Pause shows that educators and normal people also wonder about the benefits of college. So don’t wait! Check out this blog!

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2 Responses to Pressing Pause

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks for all the referrals to the neat blogs out there. I’m glad someone did the research for me before recommending so that I don’t have to spend hours surfing the net before uncovering something interesting.

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