I feel like all my posts recently have been against college. For the record,  I would just want to say that there are equally as many reasons that people, such as me, choose to go to college. Today, I am going to discover those reasons.  So let’s begin…when did this whole college idea begin taking over our lives? First semester senior year when we started applying to college? No it must’ve been junior year when we took our SATs…No it must’ve been sophomore year when we took PSATs. No it must’ve been freshmen year when our grades started counting towards college…..the list goes on and on  but I think one thing is certain, people start preparing for college extremely early.  Pretty soon SAT practice will be a daily subject in schools along with math, science and history. So with all this pressure to do well, the question still is “Why do people want to go to College?”

Personally, after the week I’ve had, I don’t really know why people love college so much. It’s nothing but tests, stress, and sleep loss. Based on my experience, I’m guessing that the average college student probably gets about 5 hours of sleep a night? But let’s try to forget all these downsides and look at the positive. There are many different reasons for wanting to attend college: maybe to get a better paying job, to make your parents happy, to meet people, or to find your inspiration. Either way, everyone’s reasons are a bit different. My reasons ,for instance, are to get a degree so I can find a stable job when I graduate…………you know, the usual, but I also would like to become more independent, increase my knowledge and make friends.  Before attending Chapman, I hardly every had a clean room, I could barely cook, and I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.  Chapman has made a huge difference in my lifestyle and impacted my interests. Well you might ask are those reasons worth $50,000? Maybe not for everyone, but for me, yes.  I could easily be going to a public college for half the price, but my experience with public schools (well UC’s anyways) is, you’re just another number. Depending on your motives for attending college some people find that public schools are a better use of their money. For example public schools have a large student body so they can usually afford to hire world renowned professors and maintain state of the art technology. At private schools however, the professors’ qualifications are important, but the schools are more concerned about whether you enjoy a class and understand the material. People don’t always need a small personalized education so a public school is a way better option for them; it all depends on the person.

My main observations come from students at private colleges like Chapman; I would like to talk about the reasons people attend college from what I’ve observed. The way I see it, there is a large range of motivation at my school: at one end the people that care about their education and spend every waking hour at office hours or in the library, and those who see college as 4 year vacation. Today I walked into my Macroeconomics class only to find that half the class was missing, on a quiz day! Skipping class on a daily basis just isn’t what people should be paying for, but still some people do. Others, I feel, lack the motivation and probably attend college for “Thirsty Thursday” or to continue with their social life. They believe that  once they finish college, they will have their future all set and ready for them……boy are they in for a surprise! Besides the vacationers, there are also many motivated students. The motivated students have an incentive though. They are probably in college because they want to go to some sort of graduate school or their just used to being overachievers, and therefore, work extremely hard in college.  I bet some of you are wondering if there is a middle ground. I say yes there is. College is 4 years long so why can’t you fit in your education and social life? College is also a time to have fun and make life long friendships. Either way, college has the ability to help people become successful or even worse off than before, but it’s the way people use their education that makes all the difference! So what path are you going to choose? What are your reasons for attending college?

first week of college


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3 Responses to Bittersweet

  1. I love this entry!

    College is definitely a world of contradictions. I love being here but I sure hate overworking myself.

    I think the reason why I originally wanted to come to college was to learn. But once I got here, with all this competition going on, now I’ve become too crazy about my GPA rather than what I learned (understanding vs. memorizing).

    I do have to say something, I have met professors at UCLA who truly care about the student- and as usual, I’ve also found some bad apples as well.

    Anyhow, good luck with it all!


    • amandatse says:

      Thank you for commenting! Yes, college is a a world of contradictions. It’s difficult to find the balance between social and educational life. I wish there was a way for GPA to take a smaller part of college, but that’s the only way professors can compare students. Every college has there share of good and bad professors, but for the most part, I feel that competition is more prominent at public schools.

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