More Work

It’s finals week, and I really don’t want to study anymore. It seems like everybody is already done with their classes, and I still have to wait until Friday to take my Organic Chemistry final. While I sit inside studying all night, my fellow classmates will probably be running down the street in the underwear for Undie Run. Hopefully they don’t break anything this year 🙂 Sometimes I wish I were in elementary school again because those were the days when life was so easy. Anyways, this blog has been mainly for my English class so that’s why I’ve been keeping up with it. I’m still going to try try try and keep this blog running the best of my abilities though. So i’ll keep this post short. Since graduation is coming up, it seems fit that I ask, What were you best memories of College?

If I were ask this question, I would say late night with friends (midnight food runs)

Spontaneous Disneyland Trips

Going to School

My roommate all the way from Denmark!

P.S I wrote this post last week, but never posted it since I was so caught up in finals. Since then, I just found out that I will be studying abroad next year! I guess then I will really be able to see how college differs from country to country. Thanks for visiting. More posts to come…………..eventually!

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  1. Hello fellow collegiate girl, sounds like you’re a bit more productive than I am. Stumbled upon your blog in the Freshly Pressed and have enjoyed reading it.

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