As a college student, it’s difficult to budget all my expenses. With groceries, I usually buy whatever is on sale, or I buy in bulk. Recently though, I’ve been taking this Eastern Concepts of Health and Healing course, and it has really opened my eyes. Since I obviously want to become a doctor some day, it’s great to learn about other forms of treatment besides the usual painkillers and prescription medication. In my class, we were required to watch a documentary called “Future of Food“. I am quite disturbed by what I have learned. I never really thought that GMOs were actually that bad. It allows me to buy my foods at a lot cheaper prices compared to the crazy outrageous prices of places such as Whole Foods. As a science major, I am used to scientists messing around with everything. I know that sometimes there are good results and sometimes there are bad results. After watching Future of Food, I have found that there are harmful effects to GMOs that people must know about. It should be our choice to eat GMO crops , which means they must be labeled correctly. This movie was way more informational than I thought It would be. This movie made me a bit pissed off with our judicial system. I have always known that judicial systems are not completely fair, but letting Monsanto take over the market? That is just ridiculous! In 1998, Percy Schmeiser was sued for patenting infringement on genetically modified canola because plants traveled into Percy’s land. Though a normal person would call this no big deal, Monsanto took them to court and Percy lost!! On top of that, Percy was advised not to reuse his seeds because he might be sued again. This poor guy was bullied by a big corporation and never got to see justice. Instead, Monsanto won leaving them a precedence to sue other farmers. What a terrible story! I can’t say this will change any of my food expenses though. Documentaries like these have to be taken with a grain of salt. Maybe one day if I  become rich, I will switch to organic foods, but until then, it’s instant noodles and snacks all day!


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