First Week

Well, a week has gone by already!! Saba life definitely had it’s challenges. Since I was put into the Matthews Dorm, our room has flooded, been filled with creepy crawlies and the power has gone out. This is all something that I will have to get used to though. The first week in there were 2 holidays that made moving in very challenging. since saba has no direct route, everything gets shipped. The shipments don’t come in during the holidays leaving only processed foods on the shelf (probably not a problem since I cant afford fresh food anyways). Luckily a couple restaurants were open in the Bottom and at Queens Garden. However, for future students, I highly recommend checking the schedule before arriving on the island.


On the way to school every morning there are also 20-30 wild goats roaming around everywhere! Classes have been quite challenging. As first semesters, we start every morning with a 2 hour histology lecture. Histology can be quite the guessing game looking at all the different slides. Next there’s anatomy or embryology. Last Thursday, we started our dissections. My group of 8 or 9 people were given a male cadaver. Unfortunately, our cadaver had little to no fat so from the beginning we cut right through the tensor fasciae lata. We also had the white coat ceremony this week. It is a tradition at most medical school, but now my belief that everyone comes from Canada has been confirmed. Now on to week 2!! Block exams are coming up very soon also! It seems that each of the days pass by so fast! Thanks for reading!



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