Saba Update

Haven’t posted in awhile. It’s been an extremely busy semester. As a first semester student,  we are required to take Histology and Anatomy. It seems like just 2 classes, but it takes almost every hour of hard studying and preparation to get through the class. When I last wrote, it was around Block 1. Now, it’s almost Block 4! HOW TIME FLIES.

I’ve been enjoying the island life. There are hundreds of goats and roosters that wake all the students up in the morning. The island, though small, has much to offer. This is the perfect place to study, the beach is only a small walk away, but far enough where it doesn’t become a distraction. The hills and rigorous paths keep all the students in shape. Currently, all the students are looking for housing since Saba only offers housing for the 1st semester. Other than that, not much has happened the last month or so . All there is to do here is study study study!It’s been raining like crazy (which is pretty rare for Saba).

Last week after block 3, we all went out to pick fresh mangoes! So much for a food shortage here!!

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