1 Semester Down

Well it’s about time I update everyone! A whole semester at SGU is finally over! So let me summarize everything that has happened. In January, I began the Charter Foundation Program at SGU. This program was filled with a whole bunch of stress, but it was also a huge learning experience! Throughout the semester, I took 5 classes to prove to SGU that I’m actually capable of being accepted to their medical school. Well, the results are in………I PASSED!

Some lasting impressions from this semester, Physio doesn’t get any easier. I found it to be the hardest class of the 5. Anatomy was the original killer, but in the end almost everyone passed! We started the program with 64 students, and throughout the semester we only lost around 10 people. Not bad at all! I’m glad I survived. So now that it’s all said and done, I’m glad I have this whole experience to guide me next semester.

The last couple weeks on Grenada was actually quite fun. After finals, all the Foundation students began catching up on some much needed beach time. We also got to try some amazing restaurants like La Luna. Then we all proceeded to eat like kings until our flights home! In the meantime, we’re all off for summer vacation. Everyone says to enjoy this one because it’s the last vacation before never-ending schoolwork.

Some things I won’t miss about Grenada.
1. Taking the bus
2. The lack of urgency
3. Mosquito attacks
4. Giant lizards

I’m spending the first part of my summer in Sin City (Las Vegas). I’m glad to be back in America, and even more glad to be in a city that works 24 hours a day! So far, I’ve began eating my way through Vegas. I also saw 3 shows so far! A Hypnotist, a Magician and a Juggler! This is just the beginning of summer though, when I get back, it’s back to the gym!

20140522-234532.jpg Grand Anse Beach

20140522-235954.jpg Breakfast at Le Papillon

20140523-000035.jpg Las Vegas

20140523-000110.jpg Jeff Civillico- Las Vegas Juggler/Comedian


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