Just got back from my cousin’s Northwestern Graduation! There’s so much to say! First off, the weather is unpredictable (don’t listen to the weather man). I spent 4 days there. From the beginning, things weren’t looking so good. Our flight was delayed about 4 hours due to en route conditions. After a whole day of airport nonsense, I got my first real taste of deep dish pizza. It’s delicious, but I think I’ll stick to thin crust, normal pizza. Deep dish is super dense, it’s like a pizza pie. I could only eat one slice before almost passing out because my stomach had to work so hard.


The actual graduation was also quite chaotic. Everyone was supposed to be at the stadium around 9:30 am, and the graduates were supposed to be there at 9 am. By 9:20, all the parents and graduates were still trying to locate the shuttles to take them to the venue because they weren’t picking up anybody. Some lady even started screaming because she got separated from her family when the shuttle driver closed the door in her face. There must have been some miscommunication. Nonetheless, I still found this quite entertaining and continued to take pictures of the stressed out people in line

Northwestern is a beautiful school with many notable alumni. They also are a Big 10 school so their stadium is huge! There were so many students at this graduation, much more than I had at Chapman University. I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the largest graduations I’ve ever been to, for a good reason though. Northwestern is one of the most prestigious private colleges. It is constantly ranked at the top of university rankings. One of the honorary degrees even went out to Stevie Wonder this year!


But of course, the weather was unpredictable as always, and the sun was scotching hot on all the seats
After graduation, we went into the city to look to explore! Chicago is quite beautiful, there’s skyscrapers everywhere. It really does look like Gotham City which isn’t surprising since Chicago was one of the filming locations.




Anyways thanks for the adventure Northwestern and Chicago, and Congratulations to my cousin!


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