1st Term!

Well, it’s been 1 whole week in first term, and all I can say is… THANK GOD FOR FOUNDATIONS. So far, the material hasn’t been that challenging because we’re getting essentially the same slides as last semester. This semester I’m only taking 3 classes: Biochemistry, Histology and Anatomy. I can’t even imagine how difficult 1st semester would be without taking a whole semester of pre-med classes. On the first day, the professor jumped straight into superficial and deep back muscles. All the newbies were trying to figure out how to study while the foundations students felt right at ease.I hope this continues throughout the semester. I arrived back onto the island on August 9th. Since then, we’ve had a whole week of Orientation which of course, I skipped because I already know where everything is. Also It was Carnival when I arrived so everything was closed! People were going crazy every night! Kinda wish I had attended more of the festivities. Even our room was a bit crazy. It actually flooded within the first week. It’s been great living on campus this year. I get to have my own room in a 3 person suite! Definitely a step up from living in Grand Anse. It’s quite chaotic getting groceries though. The Grand Anse dorms were just across the street from the main supermarket, IGA. Now I have to take the bus over there and take a taxi home. I also have to learn to cook more meals now that I’m not living that close to edible food. I also miss not living a couple feet from the beach. Definitely gonna have to get used to taking the bus covered in sand.

One thing that does bother me though is that there’s way too many people in my classes. The buses are full, the study hall is full. THERE’S PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!! In foundations we only had about 60 students, but this class is around 800!! And even worse, everyone takes up all the seats 30 minutes before classes even start. Definitely ruining my schedule. So far our lectures have been pretty clear. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on for labs though. Even though they gave us all an introduction to imaging, wet lab and histo labs, no one knows what’s due every week. Luckily I have the best lab times since they go in alphabetical order. We did get to try the ultrasound machine and work with the locals which was pretty cool!!

I’ve already joined 2 clubs so far, Women in Medicine and Surgery Club. I don’t think I want to be a surgeon, but I definitely want to suture. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind! We had our first Women in Medicine meeting which consisted of about 40 students. Still unsure of what the club actually does, but I guess I’ll find out soon. Onward to week 2! Here are some random pictures that I took throughout the week!


Grand Anse beach, Calm as always


Crazy enormous class!!!


Already so much prep work for lab!


Most of my textbooks for this term 🙂


Sunny day at SGU! (it’s rainy season)


Buying a semester’s worth of food at IGA

20140824-180533.jpg The view from my room 🙂

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