Halfway there!

It’s been awhile since first term started. I think everyone’s starting to understand how things work around here. Though there are some familiar subjects, the testing style in first term is completely different from foundations. In foundations, all the exams were based solely on recall; this semester, all our exams are “clinical based”. I think the hardest part about first term is just staying on top of things. There’s no one reminding you that small quizzes are due or there’s an extra lecture. Every week we have Histo lab, Anatomy lab and sometimes even Biochemistry lab. I find Histo lab to be the most helpful because I hardly ever pay attention during lecture. There’s also a lot more material in 1st term. I was pretty excited to hear that we have a full day in between each exam, but it’s definitely necessary. There isn’t really much guidance before midterms. We have unifieds which consists of 25 questions per class, but I didn’t find them to be an accurate representation of what we should expect on midterms.

Midterms went pretty well for the most part. The majority of my class passed easily. In the end, I assume probably about 50 people decelled. The best part about midterms though, is the week after. Basically we all take a whole week off to go to the beach and enjoy life again. Also, at SGU we have an event called Sandblast which is basically a huge beach/booze party. This semester, the weather was just terrible. It rained… A LOT. And even after exams, the workload has decreased significantly for now. We haven’t even had anatomy lab in awhile! I guess this weekend I’ll have even more time to do fun stuff because it’s Grenadian Thanksgiving! 4 Day weekend!!!

My roommate and I at Sandblast!

Red snapper at BB’s Crabback

Fried Ice cream at Carib Sushi

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