Term 2!

Haven’t posted in a while because it’s been so busy around here. First term is over and I passed! To start things off, there’s a brand new building on campus! Finally SGU has built a new study hall to account for the increasing number of students. At first I was upset because it basically covers the best view on campus, but since it’s not enclosed, the view hasn’t been disturbed.

Not gonna lie, I thought this semesters was gonna be a walk in the park. I have now comes to see that all the upper termers were lying to me. After a 3 week break, I returned to the rock ready to continue relaxing. 2nd term starts with 2 simple classes, Bioethics and Community, Preventative Medicine (CPM). With these classes, basically all you need to do is attend class and you’re basically guaranteed to pass. We all took advantage of this extra free time by heading to the Concord Falls all the way on the other side of the island. I’ve never been past this city, so this was really exciting. On the way, we stopped and tried some fresh sugar cane and cocoa! Then finals came and it was time for the real classes to begin. Term 2 classes consist of Physiology, Neuroscience and Genetics/ Immunology. The good thing is, classes run early in the morning so there’s a lot more time to study ( or the class recordings are posted when you wake up) We also have a lot shorter labs! This just makes me more grateful that I’m done taking Anatomy forever!!!!!!!

So this past week, we had our first round of exams, and boy were they disappointing for most people. Each class has a set of Unifieds which basically means there’s 20 questions per subject and you get 30 minutes for that set. I think we all underestimated how fast the time goes. From what I hear, most people either ran out of time on Genetics or Physiology. Of all the exams, genetics was our class’ lowest average at 65%, but Unifieds generally aren’t representative of midterms scores. Another thing is, attendance this semester is mandatory because a lot of students struggled last semester. By now, our class is still about 650 because of all the repeaters. At 3 weeks in, classes are really picking up. There’s 4 lectures every day and less and less overlap from what I learned in foundations. On the bright side, there’s a lot more time to study all this material and explore this beautiful island!

Concord Falls


Modica Hall

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