Term 3!

Glad term 2 is over. As I learned first hand, don’t take term 2 for granted. All the classes are actually quite challenging, but I found Neuro to be quite fun. It actually seemed like we were learning something useful. Plus we got to take out the PD kit and try out all the tools. I found Physio to be the most challenging out of all the classes, but that was mainly because I had no idea what was going on. Basically everyone has like 1000s of ‘MOTO questions” that we would just do over and over until we memorized the questions and hoped they appeared in the same format on the exam….they didn’t for the final haaha. Immuno was pure memorization. I felt like by the end of it, I was saying cytokines in my sleep! Nothing to be worried about for that class as long as you watch Cells Acting Badly on Youtube before the lecture.

I think i’m getting used to Grenada. My roommate even drove around, and I wasn’t worried for my life :). I didn’t even mind the short summer that much. Summer break this year was only 1 month long! I managed to squeeze in 2 nice vacations to LA and Las Vegas. It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been back around Chapman University. Things have changed soooo much. There’s a whole bunch of buildings that I don’t recognize any longer and way more students! LA is still crazy populated and traffic is annoying though. Other than that, LA was a nice break from school especially after term 2. As for Vegas, everything is pretty crazy there. More food than ever, more shows than ever and more smoking. It must have been low season though because there weren’t that many people outside. It might have just been too hot though. Nonetheless it was a fun short vacation.

So now term 3 (sometimes known as term “free”) is just a short semester consisting of a whole bunch of filler classes. Basically, this is the term they dump in a whole bunch of mini-classes that they couldn’t find space for in the other terms. So this semester is filled with classes that are all about Behavioral Sciences and Medicine (Psychology, Biostatistics, Law and Ethics, Human Development, etc.). I can’t say that the classes are extremely fun, but there’s a lot of movies in between and freetime to explore the island and do fun stuff! The first week, we had Psychology and Human Development. These classes went by sooo slowly because I had the same exact lectures during Foundations. I’m still glad I won’t be thrown too much new information this semester, so I can prepare for the dreaded 4th term. Since campus is just about empty except for other 3rd termers, all the restaurants have short waits and the grocery stores are extremely stocked. Prices have gone down significantly 🙂 So far, I’ve been able to spend some extra time at the beach and even enjoy the pool at Prickly Bay! We even had time to take care of a cat for a couple days.  I wish all semesters were like this one. Not much more to report about term 3, just follow along with the lectures and take some time to enjoy the island before term 4 comes!

Prickly Bay

Fresh Avocados 🙂

This is what happens when it rains here

This is how we celebrate July 4th in Grenada

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