Term 4

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. This semester has been extremely busy with Pathology, Micro and CPD. Everyone always told me that term 4 was the hardest, but  with 3 more weeks until the end of the semester, it’s not true at all. The most difficult part of term 4 is the course load. Path is worth so many credits that no one wants to screw up. I think it’s fair to say that the Path department is pretty understanding with the amount of work they expect. A typical week consists of about 20 path slides to split among your group of 8. Everyday each student presents the slides they completed during path lab to the rest of the group. This course is pretty structured so there’s no way to screw up the general busy work. As for the other courses….. Micro is a whole different story. The class is interesting, but the Professors each have their own way of teaching the material. I’m the type of person that likes to learn everything at once so you can imagine my frustration when they constantly bring up random organisms everywhere.  There’s no real method to study for micro except to try to describe the organism and make charts. The other class I’ve been taking is CPD. This class is supposed to teach us communication techniques and proper ways to do a physical exam. I know that in the next couple of months this class will be extremely useful, but it’s 3 weeks until the end of the semester, and I’m still confused what to do every time I go to lab. In class the professors teach us how to apply our skills in lab. In lab, they expect us to remember diagnoses since term 1. It’s very confusing. I find a better way to teach this course would probably be teaching how to diagnose symptoms in patients and making differentials during class. During lab, they should be teaching us how to do clinical skills instead of just expecting us to watch YouTube videos. Also throw away all the clinical skills you do in term 1 anatomy because apparently all those skills were taught incorrectly. Besides all the conflicts with 4th term classes, I’ve learned to adapt to the pace we’re learning at. If anything, the rumors about 4th term definitely aren’t true. There’s ample time to study the material if you use lab time wisely. Other than that, there’s a lot less Bananas trips this term.

On a side note, there’s a couple things SGU decided to implement this semester to all terms. We now have MCQ clicker sessions for every class. I found these questions useful for Path and sometimes Micro, but I have no idea why we have them for CPD. We don’t even have any multiple choice exams for that class. I would appreciate if the administration would relax and do clicker sessions every other week so that the Professors can come up with questions that are more like what we’d see on the exam. All in all, the clicker sessions if anything have put so much more work on our 4th term schedule. Hopefully they change the policy by the time I get to 5th term. Another thing is, they decided to implement an 80% attendance policy for every class. That’s all I’ll say about that.

I’ve been getting a couple questions about advice on how to approach each term. Everyone studies differently. Personally, I like sticking to the lecture notes and then doing MCQs either  from the professor or practice books.

Term 1- Gray’s anatomy MCQ book should be your bible. After you finish those questions, do them again! I found that these questions were the most similar to the style of the exam. As for Biochem and Histo, I used a lot of questions given to me from AEP. A lot of these practice questions are floating around. I found that the Sakai questions and lectures for Biochem were enough for this class. Make sure you know everything on ever slide including the pictures. For histo, Pay attention in lab! ** on a side note, students start signing up for Oke Path sessions at this time apparently

Term 2- I thought this was the toughest term of all. For physio, the Moto questions have been floating around. The were the best set of questions to use while studying. For Neuro, I only used the sakai questions and DES sessions. I found that the Essential notes and Road Map Neuro were really useful for understanding the material. Genetics and Immuno I approached like biochem. Memorize everything especially the cytokines for Immuno. Also there’s a link on youtube called “Cells Acting Badly”. This was a great pre-read to Immuno. Also the Immuno purple book questions were extremely helpful.

Term 3- Just one class, Psych. This was a relaxing term. Just read the lecture notes and know how to differentiate all the Psychological disorders. Many times its just the time period that makes the difference.

Term 4- I haven’t taken my finals yet, but there’s so many resources for all these classes. For Path I used the Maham’s notes to help understand the material in lab. For questions I used Pre-test and the Robbins review books. I would recommend getting the Robbin’s Basic Pathology in hardback or pdf since it’s all you need for lab. For Micro, this class is super confusing. A lot of my classmates like Ridiculously Simple Micro. I personally haven’t used this book much. One really good resource is Sketchy Micro. This helps summarize all the organisms, but the lectures are system based so I mainly use it to help me recognize organisms. CPD, there’s not much to review. There’s no exams so I would just stick to the textbook and youtube videos for this class.

Overall, I think that First Aid is a good resource for all the classes. It’s a great book to follow along with to get a basic outline for the high yield topics in each class.  More updates to come soon! Thanks for reading!

dinner at the Aquarium

View from my apartment next semester!


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